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4 shops in Copenhagen for décor and design lovers

All Scandinavian countries are internationally admired in the design field. Even being the smallest of them, Denmark is a genuine potency in the subject! This ends up being reflected in the bold strokes of the new buildings that arise in their cities and on the design of its objects. Regarding home décor, they seem to find the perfect balance between functionality and practicality while maintaining the elegance and good taste to create something new. Even if you don’t want to buy something, furniture stores and household items of Copenhagen are a true inspiration for interior decoration. Of course it’s always possible to take smaller objects in our suitcases that are also great gift options! Here are some amazing shops in the Danish capital for those who love décor and design.


Ilums Bolighus

Ilums Bolighus- Copenhagen

Image: Mari and the City.


Right in the center of Copenhagen in the area of the famous Strøget pedestrian street, the Ilums Bolighus draws attention of passers by. This Danish shop looks like a true temple of modern design. Inside, you can find furniture, lamps, kitchen and bathroom items, ceramics, porcelain, silver and glass. As the place offers the best of Danish design, there are great travel gift options. As the brand is very famous, their smaller products already are considered true Danish travel souvenirs.

Ilums Bolighus. Amagertorv 10. 1160 Copenhagen. Phone: +45 3314 1941. kundeservice@illumsbolighus.dkwww.illumsbolighus.dk.


Hay House

Doing justice to the reputation of Danish design, Hay House offers contemporary and functional furniture. There are also smaller decorative objects for the home. Many of them are quite creative with unconventional shapes.

Hay House. Østergade 61, 2. 1100 Copenhagen. Phone: +45 4282 0820. hay@hay.dkwww.hay.dk.


GUBI Store

In a beautiful building that had been built to house the first department store of Copenhagen, GUBI Store has very unique products. The experience of shopping at GUBI Store is even better due to its beautiful venue.

GUBI Store. Møntergade 19. 1140 Copenhagen. Tel: +45 5361 6368. store-cph@gubi.dkwww.gubi.dk.


Royal Copenhagen Flagship Store

Initially a porcelain factory founded in 1775, Royal Copenhagen Flagship Store has always kept the tradition in the quality of their products trying to renew itself over time. It’s located in a Renaissance building that is one of the oldest houses in town. The place also houses the acclaimed Royal Café which offers traditional Danish cuisine with a contemporary twist.
Royal Copenhagen Flagship Store. Amagertorv 6. 1160 Copenhagen. Tel: +45 33137181. customerservice@royalcopenhagen.comwww.royalcopenhagen.dk.


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