10 de July de 2014 mariana

Eiffel Tower at sunset

The Eiffel Tower is one of the world’s most iconic landmarks. When in Paris, you should try to enjoy the sun set there for sure. After a busy day visiting so many different touristic places around the city, having this time to relax in such a wonderful scenery may be a true relief in the end of  the day. Besides, nothing could be quite as magical as watching the sun set over the Eiffel Tower. So, having this experience should absolutely be a must to enjoy the most your stay in Paris. For a better view of the tower, you can go to the Trocadéro. Another great option to enjoy this moment is sitting on a bench close to the Seine River where it’s possible to see the tower. At this time of the day, you can also taking amazing photos of the Eiffel Tower from Ponte de l’Alma.



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