3 de July de 2014 mariana

Cool Britannia

Cool Britannia
When we travel to a different country for the first time, it’s always a good idea to buy souvenirs from the places we’ve been to remember the moments we had there or even for gifting friends and relatives. In UK, there is no lack of interesting souvenirs options throughout the places we go when we travel around the country. From Wales to Scotland, we can find very characteristic objects in the cities we visit. If you want to avoid buying so much along the way and carry more weight during the trip, you can buy everything at once in the biggest souvenir shop in London: the Cool Britannia. The store has a very nice decoration and it’s located in a very strategic point of the city where many tourists go along the day, the Piccadilly Circus. It has two floors and you have access to the subway downstairs (underground). On the lower level , you can also buy tickets for many attractions in London, shows on Broadway and tours to other cities in UK. The store closes late (around midnight) and you can visit it at night if you want to avoid crowds. As the shop is very close to the West End, a great idea is to enjoy a Broadway musical around and then go to Cool Britannia.


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