30 de June de 2014 mariana

Ben’s Cookies

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Ben’s Cookies is for sure one of the best cookies I’ve ever tasted in the world. I already consider the place a must-go when I’m in London. The brand is already a chain of shops and it has units even abroad, but the cookies still keep a homemade recipe and are sold by weight. They’re freshly baked and very soft. As a new batch of cookies come straight from the oven all the time, the chocolate may still be melting when you buy them. I first came across Ben’s cookies in the Covered Market in the city of Oxford. That shop was the first one of this successful franchise, but Ben’s Cookies has many other shops in London nowadays. The shops are really charming and this is only ruined when they have queues out the door. They have twelve different flavors of cookies, but I still prefer the traditional milk chocolate and white chocolate cookies. If you’re shopping around Oxford Street, you can easily find two shops nearby to taste these amazing cookies.


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