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Top 12 Art Galleries in York

York, a city steeped in history and culture, presents a vibrant art scene that spans generations. From contemporary exhibitions to classical masterpieces, the city’s art galleries showcase a diverse range of styles and genres. Whether you’re an avid art enthusiast or simply seeking cultural enrichment, it’s a destination that offers something for everyone. Let’s delve into some of the best art galleries in York that you should make a point to visit when in this picturesque city.
Art galleries in York

Art Galleries in York

1. York Art Gallery

A visit to York Art Gallery is a must for any art lover. Set within a splendid Victorian building, this gallery houses an extensive collection of artworks spanning over 600 years. It showcases paintings, ceramics, and sculptures from both local and international artists, offering a wide array of styles and epochs. Make sure to explore the Center of Ceramic Art, which houses the largest collection of British studio ceramics in the world.


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Location: Exhibition Square, York, YO1 7EW

2. Castle Fine Art

Castle Fine Art stands as the foremost limited edition print and original art retailer in the UK, boasting a wide-reaching presence with galleries nationwide. Their inviting artspace is a must-visit for anyone looking to begin or expand their collection of limited edition prints, original artworks, and sculptures. With a mission to democratize art, Castle Fine Art’s network of UK galleries showcases a diverse range of original and limited edition pieces from some of the industry’s biggest names. Their popular outlet in York further contributes to the city’s vibrant art scene, offering residents and visitors alike the opportunity to explore and acquire high-quality artworks.

Location: 4 St. Helen’s Square, York YO1 8QP

3. Clarendon Fine Art York

Nestled within the historic city walls on Davygate, Castle Fine Art’s York gallery spans two floors, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere. The upper level even features a private viewing room for a more intimate art experience. Whether you’re perusing their frequently refreshed exhibitions, enjoying artwork with a complimentary drink in hand, or partaking in one of their engaging artist events, the gallery ensures a comfortable and welcoming visit. Positioned conveniently near beloved landmarks like Betty’s Tea Room, York Minster, and The Shambles, Castle Fine Art enjoys a prime location, adding to its appeal for both locals and visitors exploring the vibrant cultural scene of York.

Location: 9 Davygate, York YO1 8QR

4. The Braithwaite Gallery

Established in the heart of York’s city centre in 2000, The Braithwaite Gallery is the brainchild of the husband and wife duo, Mark and Anne Braithwaite. Mark Braithwaite, the original York Artist, has gained recognition for his captivating portrayals of the city’s scenic landscapes and is frequently spotted painting en plein air in York. Beyond Mark’s own impressive contributions, the gallery collaborates with a host of gifted artists, each offering a unique array of styles and subjects, ensuring a rich and diverse selection of artworks. This collective effort grants The Braithwaite Gallery its reputation as a dynamic and inclusive hub for art enthusiasts.

Location: 42 Low Petergate, York YO1 7HZ

5. Pyramid Gallery

Pyramid Gallery is a unique space that celebrates contemporary craft and design. Showcasing a wide range of handmade items, including ceramics, jewelry, and glasswork, this gallery provides a platform for local and national artisans. The carefully curated selection makes it an excellent place to find one-of-a-kind, handcrafted treasures.


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Location: 43 Stonegate, York YO1 8AW

6. York Fine Arts

Specializing in traditional and contemporary fine art, York Fine Arts is a gallery that exudes elegance and sophistication. The gallery features an impressive collection of paintings and sculptures, often focusing on landscapes, still life, and wildlife art. With a focus on high-quality craftsmanship and exceptional artistry, York Fine Arts provides a unique perspective on the world of fine art.


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Location: 83 Low Petergate, York, YO1 7HY

7. blue tree gallery

Since its inception in 2011, blue tree gallery has stood as an independent beacon of contemporary fine art in the picturesque city of York. Embracing a warm and unpretentious environment, the gallery appeals to both first-time buyers and seasoned collectors. Its diverse collection features original paintings, prints, ceramics, and jewelry by established artists, both locally and internationally renowned. With six exhibitions annually, the gallery is conveniently situated just a stone’s throw away from York City Art Gallery and a short stroll from the historic York Minster, making it a central destination for art lovers in the city.


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Location: 23 Bootham, York YO30 7BW

8. Art of Protest Gallery

Art of Protest Gallery stands as a vibrant urban contemporary space showcasing street art, graphic art, and tattoos. Inspired by album covers and advertising campaigns from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, the gallery proudly champions works from this era and endeavors to give northern artists their rightful recognition. With exhibitions changing almost on a weekly basis, visitors can expect a diverse experience, featuring a blend of urban contemporary originals and signed limited editions. Noteworthy is the gallery’s commitment to making these unique and collectible pieces accessible, whether for framing or as prints, ensuring they find homes in spaces that appreciate their cool and aesthetic appeal. Each exhibition is accompanied by personalized biographical information about the artists, and Craig is readily available to answer any questions, fostering a deeper connection between art enthusiasts and the creations on display.

Location: 11 Walmgate, York YO1 9TX

9. Atelier Galleries York

Atelier Galleries is dedicated to offering exceptional artwork by acclaimed artists at discounted prices, providing art enthusiasts with access to a remarkable collection. Their showcase includes a diverse range of signed limited editions, original pieces, and sculptures, featuring prominent artists from the UK and award-winning names globally.

Location: St Nicholas Ave, Fulford, York YO19 4TA

10. Blossom Street Gallery

Blossom Street Gallery stands out as a unique addition to the array of art galleries in York. This independent establishment, located in the heart of historic York, encompasses an art gallery, design shop, and gift emporium, providing a multifaceted creative experience. Noteworthy is the gallery’s pride in showcasing the work of local, regional, and independent artists and creatives, contributing to the vibrant artistic community within York. This commitment to supporting local talent adds a distinctive touch to the broader landscape of art galleries in York, making Blossom Street Gallery a cherished destination for both art enthusiasts and visitors to the city.

Location: 2 Blossom St, York YO24 1AE

11. Corner Gallery

The Corner Gallery is a standout independent, contemporary art space within the thriving art scene of York. This gallery distinguishes itself by offering a curated selection of local, stylish, and affordable art. Committed to championing York-based artists, the gallery provides a platform for them to display and sell their diverse creations, including paintings, prints, photographs, ceramics, and other stylish items. With its doors open every Friday and during the first weekend of each month, the Corner Gallery offers a regular opportunity for both locals and visitors to engage with the vibrant artistry of York. This dedication to supporting and showcasing the talents of local artists makes the Corner Gallery an essential stop for those seeking unique and accessible art in the city.


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Location: 2 Telford Terrace, York YO24 1DQ

12. The School House Gallery

The School House Gallery is a great place for contemporary art enthusiasts. This elegant gallery offers a unique setting for visitors to immerse themselves in a curated collection of modern artistic expressions. Surrounded by a garden, it provides a serene backdrop for appreciating the vibrant world of contemporary art.

Location: Peasholme Grn, York YO1 7PW

These art galleries in York offer a rich tapestry of artistic experiences, ranging from centuries-old masterpieces to cutting-edge contemporary works. Whether you’re drawn to classical aesthetics or modern innovation, there’s something for every art lover in this historic city. Take the time to explore these galleries, and you’ll find yourself immersed in the vibrant and diverse world of York’s art scene.

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