A quick tour around Bordeaux

With beautiful classical and neoclassical architecture, Bordeaux still retains traces of the wealth of other times where it had an incredible economic dynamism for being one of main ports of Europe. I was in town last month and can say it’s unquestionable that it has a lot of touristic appeal for a quick trip from Paris. Moreover, Bordeaux was elected the Best European Destination 2015 by Internet in a voting promoted by the organization European Best Destinations. Now in 2016, the town is preparing for something new: the inauguration of the Cité du Vin (Wine City). It’s a large space that will serve as a cultural center and a museum dedicated obviously to the most famous product of the region: wine.

Considered one of the most elegant cities in France, Bordeaux is a great place to simply observe the culture and the French lifestyle. With beautiful landscapes overlooking Garonne river, it’s a destination with enogastronomic and cultural profile. For those wishing to explore the famous châteaux or independent wine producers in the region, the town a perfect starting point. Planning well what you wanna see in the city, it’s quite possible to make only a 2 day trip from Paris by TGV.

The most iconic part of the city is the water mirror reflecting the building of the famous Place de la Bourse. On one side of it, we have the Garonne river. On the other one, we start walking towards the busiest part of town where all the action takes place! In this area, we have another beautiful building: the National Opera of Bordeaux. In front of it, we have the Grand Hôtel de Bordeaux which is the best hotel in town. The restaurant at the hotel is also excellent and has tables outdoors overlooking the opera. In Vieux Bordeaux, you can’t miss the lively streets of the medieval city. The Cathédrale St-André is another interesting place to visit in town. As museums options in Bordeaux, we have the Museum of Fine Arts, the CAPC Musée d’Art Contemporain and Musee d’Aquitaine. If still you have time, many people also enjoy the city by bike or boat ride!


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