5 cities to make you fall in love with Tuscany!

There is no secret that Tuscany is a wonderful place and that no one regrets of vacationing over there! Besides the amazing bucolic scenery in its countryside, this region of Italy is full of amazing cities that offer a multitude of museums, art galleries, monasteries, buildings of inestimable historical value , churches and good restaurants and gelaterias. There is so much to be explored in Tuscany that is completely suitable to make a trip focused only on discovering the wonders of this little part of Italy.


1) Florence

Starting this list with the capital of Tuscany, Florence is your gateway to the region. It’ll probably be the first city that you’ll meet in Tuscany and has an endless list of attractions, particularly for those who enjoy arts and good food. As the birthplace of the Renaissance movement, the small town has an art collection that doesn’t lose anything for other big and cosmopolitan cities worldwide. Thanks to the powerful Medici family, the city hosts great artistic treasures of mankind. Most of them are concentrated in a must-see attraction in the city: the Uffizi Gallery. Florence also has an extensive list of restaurants that offer the best of the Italian food. Watch the sunset at the Ponte Vecchio is another experience that will make you fall in love with the city!

Image: Wiki Commons.
Image: Wiki Commons.


2) Siena

The Duomo (Cathedral) of Siena is one of the most beautiful churches throughout Italy and, considering that Italians are huge experts in building churches, is simply stunning. Piazza del Campo is the main square of the town and has a very different shape with a lower center and higher edges. The famous Palios of Siena, traditional horse races held twice a year, take place in this square. The historic center of Siena also has many other churches, the public palace and medieval walls.

Image: Wiki Commons.


3) Lucca

Surrounded by an immense wall over 400 years old, Lucca is a jewel in Tuscany. The view that we have from the fort, where we can see surrounding towns, is simply amazing! Piazza Anfiteatro is one of the coolest areas of the city surrounded by houses, bars, restaurants and markets. Cattredale di San Martino (dating back to the 11th century) and the Guinigi Tower (where we can admire the mountains of the Apuan Alps) are also great attractions, but Palazzo Pfanner still takes the title of most beautiful place of the city in my opinion!

Image: Wiki Commons.

4) San Gimignano

City with a slightly more complex arrival logistics due to the lack of a train station, San Gimignano is a wonderful medieval town that is worth every effort to get there. All the city is a major attraction with its walls, ancient towers, historic churches and small museums. The central square is an extremely alive place in the summer. Don’t forget to visit the ice cream shop in this square which is considered one of the world’s best!

San Gimignano
Image: Wiki Commons.


5) Pisa

It’s true that the major attraction of this city is its leaning tower. Most visitors passing through there are only interested in taking a picture with the famous monument. Exploring a little further the area surrounding the tower, we may see an incredible Duomo, and it’s worth visiting it! Other than that, another attraction is to visit the beautiful sunflowers fields that bloom in spring and remain beautiful throughout the summer!

Image: Wiki Commons.
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